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A Brief Summary of the Epic

This Ancient Roman Epic was about the adventures of the Trojan hero, Aeneas. The man was destined to go to Italy and set up a new kingdom after the Fall of Troy. On the way, Aeneas encountered many problems, both because of the acts of mortals and the decisions and rivalries of the Gods and the Fates. Through many trial and errors, however, Aeneas was finally able to overcome his journey and became the true founding father of the city, which is now known as "Rome". During the whole journey, nevertheless, many many famous Roman myths and tales were narrated and told. These stories were handed through the ages, even to our generation! For instance, there was the story of Dido and her fatal love for Aeneas; the heavenly Olympian conflicts on the days of Fallen Troy; the prophecy of Anchises on the future Roman realm and Empire; even the fortelling of a future "Aeneas", i.e. the divine Emperor Augustus Caesar himself!!!

Our Approach to the Aeneid

Here in Cumberland Vally High School we the Latin students have a very interesting way to approach this ancient epic. Here are some of the highlights: Our Latin teacher starts our work by guiding us to scan particular assigned passages in the poem; thus giving us a rough idea on the mood of the passengers. We will then evaluate the passage in terms of grammar, content, etc. This enhances our techniques on the Latin language, and widen our knowledge on how the author utilized his language to suite his particular literary needs and express his ideas clearly. Then, the students will translate the verse into fluent English. This is a good exercise and training to enhance both our Latin and English mastery skills!!! ***We are always very enthusiastic about studying this superb Roman Epic!! There is always something more about the poem that keep us captivated, fascinated and intrigued!!!

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